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    Goodbye Hello,

    Noerror was born about ten years ago, as we (Moonove+Knos) lamented the lack of a single location where netlabel releases would be announced.

    At the time, we would keep in touch with the latest releases via mail, IRC and daily browsing of the websites from the various module groups, as netlabels were known at the time.

    So we turned a news site called error-404 (run by Moonove) and an unreleased music release database called stream (started by Knos) into what became noerror.

    Our goal was to fight the dispersion, clustering of free music news over the net. The netlabel scene was at the time still very small and much related to our dear demo/tracking scene.

    Years passing by, netlabels have much evolved: Musicians and their netlabels now come from whole different backgrounds and do not share the same values, approaches, technology, sound or goals anymore.

    This amazing success of netlabels, their diversity, their productivity has however slowly, we think, undermined the idea of a single news feed.

    What hasn't changed, and what will not change is the need for curation and critique. Throughout our history ― with few exceptions due to our own nepotist tendencies ― we limited our scope to netlabels.

    The reason was primordial: each label brings the tastes of its founders, or at the very least ought to. (We are sometimes having our doubts about it) Run well, they are easier to identify with, and their quality and nature help listeners find their favorite music, and trust developing, discover their next favorite.

    Our common passion for music did not however extend far enough to spend the majority of our time reviewing releases.

    We have witnessed the birth of a movement which escaped our hands, and we are very proud of having taken a part in it.

    It is however time for us to say goodbye, and turn to other shores.

    Noerror may come back at a latter time, with a different goal and scope. The future is fortunately always a surprise.

    In the mean time, we would like to ask you to submit the best netlabel news and reviews sites, which we will add to this post.

    Thanks for your support,

    Moonove & Knos

      [RAR037] 10.17 - As I Was Looking Beyond, I Woke Up 10.17 makes his debut on Random Access Recordings. 10.17 is a young producer from Greece and has a load of talent and potential. It is always inspiring to hear music that has a modern futuristic edge, but stays true to its roots. This digital 7 track album is undoubtedly going to raise some eyebrows and shake some asses with its perfect blend of raw Detroit techno and funky minimalistic sounds. Hot out the oven and fresh on your plates; this young jack of the trade serves up this 7 course meal right and it is delicious. There is allot more to come on RaR by this guy. Go download this one for free on our netlabel page. I hope you are hungry, because he certainly is. Long Live Jack!!!]]> RB078 - derrick hart - fall asleep to this

      Derrick Hart is an American musician. You might know him from his "Songs From A Cross (The Sea)" EP on 12rec, a release in which Derrick shows great musical talent and a really fantastic sense for song-writing and melodies.

      With his "fall asleep to this" EP he goes a more experimental and meditative way. The five tracks are mainly based on vocals, even though there are no actual lyrics. "kontakt" and "when someone loves you no more" are performed only with his voice, captured with a contact-mic, processed and converted. "when someone loves you no more" begins things with a profound wailing on behalf of anyone who has ever suffered before blooming into some incomprehensible sonic victory. "emporia", "colors that surround you" and "kontakt" are beautiful melodic miniatures and "wilderness of the city" ends it all with strings and a relentless, hypnotic groove. But always is Derrick's voice as the key element in each song, tying everything together.

      To follow Derrick's advice: The EP serves as a meditation tool to listen to before sleeping. So plug your earphones in and fall asleep.
      [BP053] Pharmakustik - Implantrobotik

      Release notes:

      IMPLANTROBOTIK announces the newest perspectives of Pharmakustik implant-navigation by the use of robotic audiosystems, stereotactic technology and automation equipment. Pre-drilling rhythmic forces and fracture mechanics are combined with granulomateous voice-dissections within the field of uncompromising telemanipulation.

      The current techniques of the Pharmakustik sound-research are characterized by intermodulating, morphing particles and their mutual interaction in the stereophonic panorama. Automated inspection of otoneurosurgical, motorcortical fragments for the atraumatic listener. Pharmaconstructive audiofluxus 2010.

      1798+002: rngmnn - skogsr���¥et
      1. rngmnn - skogsrået
      2. rngmnn - de osynliga
      3. rngmnn - harpyjor
      // get » 1798+002: rngmnn - skogsrået //]]>
      Ellaim - 'Air'/'Fire'/'Earth'/'Water' [HAZE 102/103/104/105]
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